5 Bike trainer mistakes spoiling your workout



Is it heavy rain or the wintry chill that’s keeping you from going on a ride today? Irrespective of the reason that is forcing you back the solution to staying fit and healthy is simple, a bike trainer but a bike trainer is only effective if you use it right. So today I am going to tell you about the 5 bike trainer blunders most beginners make and their simple solutions.

Incorrect installation

My bike trainer has front wheel blocks but in case yours does not then you need to add some support of your own. Place a couple of large books or wooden plans to make sure the rear and the front wheels are at even height.

You can also change the saddle angle for a painless ride. I have placed my bike in one of the cooler rooms of my house and you should too. The air from the fan helps wick sweat away and stay cool. Also remember to dress right. Any cycling specific attire should be perfect. Here is how you should setup your trainer.



Not eating and hydrating enough

Though you’re at home and the workouts aren’t too long whether you still need to refuel right. Be it a ride outside or at home using a trainer it is still a ride and thus proper fueling remains equally important.

I snack on a banana or even a smoothie and a few nuts an hour before my ride and carry a water bottle with me for an uninterrupted workout session.

You ride too fast too early

Fast and Furious, isn’t that how we want our rides to be all the time? To go all out from the 1st minute is a common beginner mistake. When riding outside your speed automatically varies.

For example when I am close to my house I tend to drop off and cool down but at home the tendency was to go all out till my legs gave up.

A light warm up for a couple of minutes and cool down at the end will help you workout better and longer and also recover faster.

You do not shift

Though trainers over the years have been develop to be more realistic it is till static and often for a better workout we use a higher resistance which in turn leads to tired, aching legs. To control this resistance the best tool you have are your gears so do not forget to use them.

You are bored

With nothing around to keep me occupied I often found myself bored as hell on the trainer so to keep myself busy I either watch my favorite TV show or movie while working out.

I also found setting up goals like calories count, distance covered etc. helpful in staying focused and if all of that fails the best thing you can do is sign up for a class or find a couple of friends willing to join with you.


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