How I heal a road rash

lavender oil

The truth be told if you are as crazy a cyclist as we here are then there no chance you have gone on this long without a couple rashes and bruises. To treat it you can apply all the creams and lotions you get but I prefer the natural way as it’s simple and most of the ingredients needed for it are readily available in the kitchen. So here is what I have been using.

Peppermint Oil and Cinnamon

Though only recently discovered peppermint oil when combined with cinnamon makes a killer anti-bacterial agent. It is known to eliminate 4 different variety of bacteria and is the perfect combination for long term cuts and bruises that won’t heal easily.

Don’t just run off and start mixing the two together. Knowing the right balance is important or it tends to sting like mad so my advice would be to consult an expert before you try this method or just move to the even easier ones below.

Tea Tree Oil


tea tree

Perfect not just for my hair but for my scars and bruises as well mainly because of its bacteria fighting attributes. This special oil has been scientifically proven to heal cuts and wounds quicker than the modern day antibiotics and creams.

To reduce inflammation and fasten the healing process I apply it twice each day. I personally prefer the tea tree oil but its creams are also readily available.


Using honey as a medicine has been known to mankind for thousands of years now and has also been mentioned in the Bible, Quran etc. Honey contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that eliminate the bacteria and fungus.

The moist nature of honey also helps get rid of the scar. I would advise you rather use medicinal honey as the supermarket make tends to contain pollen and bacteria and is sold only to be eaten.




This works not just on all sorts of cuts and wounds but has also been known to heal even burns, sciatica, hemorrhoids and mouth sores as well. It eases insect bites too. Chamomile has been found to be more effective than tattoo balms for tattoo bleeds.

It contains flavonoids and other important oils that go deep into the skin and heal. I prefer to use the ointment but creams are also available. A few dried flowers in the tub will provide you the perfect healing bath.

Lavender Oil

lavender oil

Another oil I have found really useful is Lavender Oil. It keeps infection away and is the perfect medicine for pain. I recently read about an article where this oil was used on women after childbirth to health the incision and the results were amazing.

Not only did it pain less while healing the oil also reduced redness around it. To avoid irritation I dilute the oil with any cream or lotion.

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