How I keep my hands warm when riding during winters



Are your hands not able to bear the snowy winter’s for more than 15 minutes on a ride or does the notion of it only make them shiver? The good news is that a few simple tweaks to your gear are all that is needed to those fingers toasty and warm. Wondering what? Here are 5 changes I made to my gear and you should too.

I checked for wind-chill and rain

Before I head out on my bike I make it a point to check for wind-chill or rain to get an idea of how cold the ride will be. For windy days I have gloves made of wind breaking material otherwise my hands tend to go numb due to the chill.

Though my area does not see a lot of rainfall I do still have a pair of waterproof gloves for the rainy days. Wet, soaked gloves too can cool the hands.

I got both mitten and gloves

I take my gloves seriously and thus have a pair of both mitten and gloves. Mitten is perfect for a simple, relaxing ride that does not need to much braking or shifting as it keeps my hands warm. For my other technical ride I use gloves.

Not regular gloves rather lobster style gloves i.e. gloves with 2 pockets for all fingers. These provide the finesse needed to shift and brake correctly and yet keep my hands warm.




I changed my gloves

Initially I made the mistake of buying thick regular gloves from a store nearby that did not cost me too much but these gloves made it difficult for me to brake or shift and neither did they keep my fingers warm and that is when I switched to cycling specific gloves.

These gloves are made with an aim to keep fingers warm, relaxed, make braking and shifting easy and are perfect for all sorts of temperatures. For extra warmth I use Pogies.  Below is glimpse of how these work.





I constantly move my fingers

It is not always the gloves or jackets either that make the hands freeze but the mere fact that while riding our arms and fingers are quite static due to which the blood flow to them reduces. So every time I feel my hands are getting numb or chilly moving them around gets the blood pumping keeping it warm and cosy.

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