My Workouts

My top 5 strength moves for easy pedaling

Are you too tired after a small ride? Is cycling starting to seem like a chore rather than fun? It is because your muscle aren’t strong enough so today I am going to share with your some workouts that helped me strengthen my body and cycle better. Rock the Boat For cyclists the oblique muscles are responsible for reducing twisting of the trunk while we pedal. Strengthening them reduced pain and tiredness caused by the constant turning. Get a medicine ball or a light dumbbell and be seated on the floor with your back and knees bent at about 45 degrees….

Injury Remedies

How I heal a road rash

The truth be told if you are as crazy a cyclist as we here are then there no chance you have gone on this long without a couple rashes and bruises. To treat it you can apply all the creams and lotions you get but I prefer the natural way as it’s simple and most of the ingredients needed for it are readily available in the kitchen. So here is what I have been using. Peppermint Oil and Cinnamon Though only recently discovered peppermint oil when combined with cinnamon makes a killer anti-bacterial agent. It is known to eliminate 4 different…

Bike Trainer Tips

5 Bike trainer mistakes spoiling your workout

  Is it heavy rain or the wintry chill that’s keeping you from going on a ride today? Irrespective of the reason that is forcing you back the solution to staying fit and healthy is simple, a bike trainer but a bike trainer is only effective if you use it right. So today I am going to tell you about the 5 bike trainer blunders most beginners make and their simple solutions. Incorrect installation My bike trainer has front wheel blocks but in case yours does not then you need to add some support of your own. Place a couple of…

Winter Riding Guide

How I keep my hands warm when riding during winters

  Are your hands not able to bear the snowy winter’s for more than 15 minutes on a ride or does the notion of it only make them shiver? The good news is that a few simple tweaks to your gear are all that is needed to those fingers toasty and warm. Wondering what? Here are 5 changes I made to my gear and you should too. I checked for wind-chill and rain Before I head out on my bike I make it a point to check for wind-chill or rain to get an idea of how cold the ride will…